Our designers reinvent
the basics of your office

We design and manufacture ergonomic, durable and aesthetic furniture,
with which our customers enjoy working everyday.

we offer the finest, intuitive and the most timeless selection of the best trend of the moment
for reinventing with freshness the basics of your office.

we are here to help you, make decision or customise in choosing
the trends and solutions for your business.

We share our days between unrestrained vigil and dedicated accompaniment,
by telephone or by mail, for each of your projects. We are experts, curious, available and responsive.

We are lucky to know our products by heart, and to discover constantly
the new challenges of our customers. We are pleased to customise
with you the basics of your office that resemble you. We engage
to offer you a service never seen before in the market.

easyoffice®proposes a reinterpretation

modern and decorative office basics

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we love travel,
we love art,

we love the material
the simplest and most finely
crafted designs

We believe in a new generation of offices,

Both clean and personal, functional and which resembles the owner

Three Possibilities

inspire yourself by the trends
Ask for suggestions to our designers online
Personalise yourself

100% Customisable

All our products are 100% customisable to allow to create an infinity atmosphere. We use the best technologies and have developed the best softwares to offer an incredible quality of realisation."

Assembly Fast

to allow everyone, around the world, to easily obtain a piece of easyoffice furniture, we would also like to emphasise on the logistics. Our products are delivered flat, they have compact dimensions and in addition they are assembled with simplicity !

Eco- Friendly

easyOffice cupboard : 100% recyclable,
up to 85% recyclable.

proposed by
Monique, Nicolas, Alain, Geoffroy, Julien, Pascal and Damien

share their days to find out
the latest trends and accompany the
projects by telephone or on easyoffice® chat.

Imagine your office in 3D

Doable in 3 min

Our added value

  • 100%

    the products easyOffice® are customisable to infinity! Create the atmosphere that suits you

  • premium

    Free and quality assistance for the design and modeling of the project

  • delivery
    within 6 weeks

    Receive your order anywhere in India with free and fast delivery

  • Fast

    All our products can be easily assembled and in just a few minutes

  • eco-

    Think about the environment! We design environmental friendly products