It does not cost anything to be original !

You choose the pattern, we customise your desk and you practice your activity in a universe conducive to happiness !

Small is Beautiful !

No need to be big to be beautiful ! The compact desktop lets you speak your inspiration without wasting any square metre. Its metal structure hosts a tray that you customise as you feel it. At work !

Starts from

Only limit : your imagination !

Classic, modern, original, funny, ambititous... Your workspace must be like you ! easyOffice® Invites you to personalise your work world in a few clicks !


Technical Characteristics

height : 75 cm

Can be used as back office


Metallic guaranteeing perfect rigidity. Metal telescopic beams. Steel base in tube section 50x30 mm on the vertical part and 50x40 mm on the horizontal part, thickness 2 mm Paint lacquered white epoxy. Equipped with adjusting cylinders.


Melamine 25 mm thick density
680kg/m3 (+/- 5%), Edged with a 2 mm thick PVC edge

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