Welcome to your universe !

Your welcome table is one of the first thing a visitor sees when he arrives in your office. A golden opportunity to make a good impression by expressing your difference and your values !

With easyDesk® your reception table is at the same time a practical piece of furniture, a unique object and a support of friendly communication !

A table that knows how to attract !

It has your colours, your values... That is why it will please your visitors !

Your reception table easyDesk® is the best way to make a good first impression  

Starts from

Quickly and conveniently

Our patented system allows you to change the tray of your reception table according to your desires with ease.

A goog idea to renew your decoration when it is necessary without redeeming everything !

5 min assembly

Only limit : your imagination !

Classic, modern, original, funny, ambititous... Your workspace must be like you ! easyOffice® invites you to customise your work world in a few clicks !


Technical Characteristics

height : 40 cm


Metallic guaranteeing perfect rigidity. Telescopic beams made of metal. Steel base in tube section 50x30 mm on the vertical part and 50x40 mm on the horizontal part, thickness 2 mm. Paint lacquered white epoxy. Equipped with adjustable cylinders.


Melamine 25 mm thick density 680kg/m3 (+/- 5%), Edged with a 2 mm thick PVC edge.

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Our added value

  • 100%

    the products easyOffice® are customisable to infinity! Create the atmosphere that suits you

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    Free and quality assistance for the design and modeling of the project

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    All our products can be easily assembled and in just a few minutes

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    Think about the environment! We design environmental friendly products